Are Canadians eligible for provincial health benefits after moving to the United States?

opt-2As an immigration attorney with a substantial number of Canadian clients, I am often asked what happens to their healthcare benefits once they leave their respective provinces and move to the United States. The answer depends on several factors, including: which province they were residing in, how long they plan to remain in the United States, and the purpose of their move (temporary visit, studying, working, permanent move, etc.).

For example, a Canadian residing in British Columbia who studies in the U.S. full-time may be eligible for continued health benefits so long as she returns to B.C. when her studies are completed. On the other hand, a B.C. resident moving outside of Canada permanently could lose her health care benefits at the end of the month that she left.

Before moving to the United States, be sure to research whether you are entitled to continuing coverage under your provincial health care plan.  If you are visiting temporarily, you may want to consider purchasing short-term travel insurance such those offered through Blue Cross.  If not, you should be prepared to secure health insurance in the United States – whether it be through your employer’s plan, spouse’s plan, or purchasing your own plan.  Click on your home province or territory to learn more about health care coverage when moving to the United States:

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