Getting Married Within 90 Days Under a K-1 Visa

K-1 Nonimmigrant Visa for Fiancé(e) 90-day Requirement


You have completed the application process, form I-129F, with USCIS and your fiancé(e) has gone to their interview at the respective consulate or embassy in their home country and their K-1 fiancé(e) visa was approved. Your fiancé(e) has entered the United States with their K-1 visa and you have heard about a 90-day rule but you aren’t sure what you are required to do in that period.  This article will go over what needs to happen in those 90 days and what can happen if you don’t meet the deadline.

What do we have to do in 90 days?

Your fiancé(e) has entered the United States through a port of entry and a CBP officer has stamped their passport and/or stapled form I-94 to their passport. This stamp or I-94 has an entry date and an “admit until” date.  You have from the date of entry until the “admit until” date to get married. In other words, you must get married in within 90 days of entering.

What happens if we don’t get married in those 90 days? 

You must get married with in 90 days – there is no way around it.  If the K-1 visa holder and their fiancé(e) do not get married before the 90 days, the visa holder must leave the United States as soon as possible or they could face a bar from entering the United States in the future.  There is also no extension for a K-1 visa.

If you did not get married before the 90 days and have questions about what to do now, please contact our office to talk to our attorneys as soon as possible.