TN Visa for Canadian and Mexican Citizens

TN Visa NAFTA Visa for Canada Mexico

The TN visa was created under the North American Free Trade Agreement between Canada, U.S. and Mexico. Under this visa, Canadian and Mexican citizens may work in a professional occupation in the U.S. if:

  • He/she qualifies under the TN Occupation List;
  • He/she possesses the specific criteria for that profession;
  • The employment position in the U.S. requires someone in that professional capacity and;
  • He/she is going to work for a U.S. employer


Advantages of TN visas

TN visas are valid for three years, whereas they were previously only valid for year at a time. This means that the TN visa is valid for the same duration as an H-1B visa.

TN visas are also easier to apply for, and to have approved, than other work visas such as the H-1B visa. There are three ways to apply for a TN visa:

  • In person at a Class A port of entry (POE) to the United States
  • By submitting an application to the USCIS while in the United States
  • By submitting an application to the USCIS from abroad


Applying at a POE has its advantages. First, the application fee is considerably lower than applying through USCIS. Second, a decision to grant or to deny the visa is made immediately. On the other hand, applying for a TN visa through the USCIS may take a couple of months. If the applicant is denied a TN visa at the POE, he/she learns the reason for denial right away and may attempt to correct it immediately. If the TN visa is denied by the USCIS, it takes a lot longer – and more money – to obtain a favorable decision. Further, the applicant may be required to leave the United States during the pendency of the application.

Management Consultants

Most of the TN professions require at least a four-year bachelor’s degree. One exception is the Management Consultant category, which will accept five years of work experience in the intended field of employment in lieu of a bachelor’s degree. Instead of full or part-time employment, management consulting services are based on a temporary, periodic or fixed consulting nature. Learn more about how to qualify as a TN Management Consultant.

Canadians who intend to remain in the United States long term, or who want to consider having their employer sponsor them for a green card, should consider applying for an H-1B visa.

Our TN Visa Legal Services

Our services include: determining whether a proposed position falls with the NAFTA occupation list; determining whether the TN applicant meets the education or experience criteria for TN status; preparing the employer support letter and all accompanying evidence; and preparing the applicant for the TN interview at the port of entry.

Testimonials From Some of Our TN Clients

“I strongly recommend Mr. Shen’s services should you need to obtain a TN visa. Cedric made the process clear from start to finish. He responded promptly to my initial inquiry, ensured I had all my documents in order and prepared me so I knew what to expect at the border. I’m convinced that because I was clear, confident and properly prepared obtaining my first TN visa as a management consultant was straightforward and painless.”

S.B. | Management Consultant

“I can’t say enough about my experience working with Cedric Shen to obtain a U.S. work Visa. The process can seem daunting and intimidating, but Cedric was there every step of the way to answer any and all questions and to ensure my success. I would highly recommend his services. Thank you, Cedric!”

Management Consultant | The Whistle

“I recently got my 2nd TN visa because of Cedric’s exceptional services. If I called, he was there, and if I e-mailed him, he always replied promptly. He made the process seem quick and painless and always took the time to answer all my questions and go above and beyond when preparing me. He always made sure every detail was taken care of, and every question was answered to make me feel at ease and comfortable when I was going for my visa. Cedric was the most professional and easy to get along with lawyer I have ever worked with. I would recommend his services, as he adds a personal element and cares about your well-being when going through the immigration process. He’s not just a lawyer. Thanks to Cedric, I was so well prepared and I can honestly say that my interview was a pleasurable experience when getting my Visa. Thanks Cedric!”

P.K. | Graphic Designer

“I would like to thank Cedric Shen for his hard work and dedication on preparing the supporting documents for my application for TN status. I was approved for three years and am looking forward to working and living in the United States. I am extremely pleased with the time, effort and quality that he put into my case and I would not hesitate to refer him.”

C.R. | Management Consultant

“A fellow Canadian working in the U.S. strongly recommended Cedric when I was looking for a lawyer to help me obtain my TN working visa. Cedric was very accessible and this even when he was outside of the country. He dealt directly with the head hunter and my employer to ensure my employment offer letter was in line with the visa requirements. Cedric also prepared me for the interview at the border and made sure I had all the required documents before crossing the border. Needless to say it took less than 15 minutes for me to obtain my visa. Cedric followed-up with me right after I crossed the border and recently to help with the next step in my immigration to the U.S. I cannot recommend Cedric enough to other Canadians who intend to work in the U.S.!”

Senior Tax Accountant | Thomas Properties Group

“Cedric was extremely professional, informative and acted as a very diplomatic liaison between my prospective employer and myself. He helped make the process of securing a TN1 visa seamless for me and also helped me understand the logistics of obtaining work in the U.S.”

 K.F. | Technical Writer